Health Insurance FAQs

Confused about health insurance? Below we have provided some of the Health Insurance FAQs we hear the most.

Health Insurance FAQS

I am a small business owner and I don’t have any employees are there options for me?

Owning a business doesn’t restrict the kind of options you have available. In some cases even if you have a small team individual policies may provide you with the best value. A broker can go over your options with you and create a plan for your specific circumstances.

Why would I work with a broker instead of going directly to the insurance company?

A broker has various plan options and the ability to pull quotes from multiple insurance companies. After listening to your particular needs a broker is in the best position to find you the best value in both price and coverage. As an industry expert they will advise you impartially based on your specific circumstances and can compare quotes from top insurance companies instantly. No guesswork required.

Will my credit report be necessary to get a quote?

To get a quote for Health Insurance a credit report is not required.

Will it cost me more to use a broker?

Laws in most states prevent brokers from charging their clients any additional fees. As such, you will not incur any added cost for using a broker, so the rate the insurance company provides is what you pay.

My COBRA is about to run out! What should I do?

No need to worry, there are many options available to you, whether it be an individual, family, or ACA plan. Also, in most cases you can be issued a plan before your COBRA even expires, so you never need to worry about a lapse in coverage.

Life Insurance FAQs

Why do I need life insurance?

A person will take out a life insurance policy if they have significant assets, debt, or want to provide for their family in the event of their death. This can pay for final expenses, cost of living, or paying off any debts accrued through the insured person’s lifetime.

When will my coverage start?

Most insurance companies will provide coverage immediately if you make your initial payment when you fill out your application. Otherwise, it can take anywhere between 4-12 weeks to be processed.

When I reach the end of my term life policy what happens next?

You can get a new policy, however, it will renew at a substantially higher premium.

What can the death benefit be used for?

There are no restrictions to how the death benefit can be used. Common examples are:
  • Cost of living (Groceries,
  • mortgage, car payments)
  • Final Expense
  • College
  • Debt
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